Subscription food sold and delivered in Portland Metro only. Treats delivered nationwide.


What is Bonsante’s core philosophy?

Bonsante comes for two French words Bonn (Good) Sante (Health). Our core philosophy revolves around the concept that our pets are a part of our family, and we want to provide them with the finest and most nutritious food products available. Using only the freshest ingredients, we blend human grade meat proteins with fresh and seasonal vegetables, adhering to the highest standards in the pet food industry today. If youre like us, you love your pet so much that you would probably make their food fresh each day if you had the time. This is where we come in: with Bonsante gourmet dog food, you can feel good about what you are serving your pet, with the convenience of delivery straight to your door.

Is Bonsante Food Complete and Balanced?

Bonsante gourmet dog food contains a variety of fresh ingredients that offer rich nutritional value for your pets well being. As always, you should consult your veterinarian if changing or modifying your pet’s diet. A supplement may be an option.

Can I Feed my Cat the Food?

Yes! Our food is enthusiastically enjoyed by cats as well. However, cats need certain nutrients such as Taurine in significantly higher amounts than dogs. You might decide to add this to your cat’s diet through a supplement, but any changes to your cat’s diet should be approved by your veterinarian. In the future, we will be making modifications to the food to accommodate a cat’s specific needs. Until that time, your vet is the best source to advise on your cat’s best nutritive options.

Pet Treats 

We will be offering a variety of pet treats. Currently we have baked treats made with rye or rice flour. They are wholesome and ready to feed your pet. 

Why Become a Subscriber?

Bonsante Subscribers enjoy the lowest possible price on our high quality food. Critical costs such as overhead, shipping and fresh food price fluctuations can cause the retail price to scale. By offering our customers a subscription model we are able to give you a discount because we can plan our preparation more accurately. As a monthly subscriber, you receive a 5% product discount and one free shipping per month. If you buy 2 months or more at one time you will receive 10% discount and free shipping/delivery with your standing order until you cancel.

Can I Order If I am Not a Subscriber?

At this time you may order 1lb samples and pet treats. However food is currently only available in the Portland Metro area. By being a food subscriber you will receive the best price available and receive food for at least 1-month. Minimum orders are $50 with free delivery.

How Much Do I Order?

We have created a chart as a reference with guidelines set according to your pet’s weight or you can use our calculator. It’s based on the approximate weight and activity level of your dog. This tool is for reference only; the actual amount you use will depend on how accurately the food is measured and served. As well each dogs metabolism and activity level varies.

How much is delivery/shipping?

Currently we will be delivering in the Portland, Oregon metro area by zip code. All other food will be shipped and the price is calculated at checkout. We will deliver once a month at no charge to subscribers.

As a subscriber your first shipment is always free in a 30-day period. We encourage you to order enough food to feed your pet for 30-days. You can order as many times as you like and shipping will start at $5+ depending on weight. This is designed to control costs for you our customer.

Non subscriber orders will be shipped and charged based on location. All charges are shown at checkout.

When do you deliver/ship?

We will ship or deliver (delivery areas are limited).  Delivery is Monday through Friday and is determined by a delivery window.

How does delivery work?

We deliver Monday through Friday and you can choose between 11am-2pm and 2pm and 4pm. Your product will be delivered frozen in a insulated bag. The bag will keeps product frozen for up to 4 hours. Immediately put food in freezer within this time period. 

You will receive a text when we are on our way and another text confirming when we have delivered. After the first delivery you just place your insulated bag on the porch and we will refill on your next delivery date.

Is it shipped frozen?

Yes. The temperature should be frozen to slightly thawed. You should immediately freeze what you will not be using in the next 3-5 days. If your shipment is late contact us immediately. DO NOT FEED YOUR PET FOOD THAT IS WARM OR HOT! IF YOU WOULD NOT EAT IT DON’T SERVE IT TO YOUR PET! Call or email customer service immediately.

How long will the food last?

We recommend frozen food be used within 12-months though it will last much longer. Once thawed use within 5-6 days. Always keep food refrigerated or frozen.

How do I thaw it?

Break seal on bag and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Do not leave it out to defrost. You can run cold water over the frozen product for about 15-minutes and it will be defrosted. Never leave out overnight to defrost.

Can I Warm the Food?

Our customer experience is that pets will eat it cold with no problem. However, if you wish to warm it you can. Place the serving in a microwaveable container and heat for 10-15 seconds. Always test the food before giving it to your pet because hot food can burn their mouth and cause serious injury.

What if they don’t eat all their meal should it be refrigerated?

Fresh food will spoil and can cause illness if left out. Always refrigerate any food that is not eaten. Proper feeding portions will be eaten fairly quickly but, like humans, your pet may not be hungry for some reason so always refrigerate left over food or discard it if it is not consumed within 10-15 minutes.

Should I clean their bowl in between serving?

YES! Our food is fresh with no preservatives and if not completely eaten should be put back in the refrigerator. Washing bowls in warm water, rinsing and sanitizing is always recommended after each meal.

Does Bonsante Support the Communities they serve?

Absolutely. We believe our pets bring us joy and companionship. They give to us everyday. We are pledging 1% of sales to support homeless children and families in communities throughout our country as well as other worthwhile charities. We believe that for children to grow into healthy productive adults basic needs must be met. This is a silent epidemic in our country and we will do our part to make sure every child has an opportunity.



Depending on your location, we will ship your package using overnight or two-day shipping. Your package is shipped with gel packs/dry ice to keep your food chilled.  Our packaging is designed to keep your food between 32-42 degrees for up to 72 hours after leaving our facility. Freezing does not affect the quality of the meals but may require 1-2 days in the refrigerator to thaw. Please contact us directly for more specific information regarding the dry ice shipping at (NOTE: We currently do not ship food). We do ship treats anywhere in the continental United States. 


Packages are shipped Monday-Wednesday, which means your food is delivered Tuesday-Friday, depending on which delivery date you selected.  Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number and expected delivery date. If your package does not show up on your expected delivery date, please contact us immediately the following day!  (Please note, deliveries can show up as late as 10 p.m., especially during the holidays.) DO NOT SERVE ANY FOOD THAT ARRIVES AFTER YOUR EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE PRIOR TO CONTACTING A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE!


We use third-party carriers to deliver your food packages and we provide you with tracking information for every package.  It is very important that you provide us with the proper shipping information and any special instructions the delivery driver may need.  For any shipping error caused by the carrier (including damaged packages or delayed delivery), we will issue you a replacement delivery or replacement products at no additional charge.  Please note, we may ask for pictures but never return the original shipment.  For any shipping error, caused by a mistake or omission of shipping information provided by the customer, we will provide our customers one courtesy replacement shipment per year at a 50 percent discount of their purchase price.


Bonsante backs up our pet meals with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with a meal for any reason, please contact our customer service within seven days of your delivery and we will replace the meal or credit you at our expense. Bonsante may require photo documentation of the meal(s) that you are not satisfied with before we replace or credit the meal. You will not be asked to return the meal.


You may pause or cancel a plan at any time as long as you provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to your next scheduled delivery.  Example: If you are scheduled to receive your next delivery on Friday, you must notify us of a cancel or pause by Monday.  You can cancel your plan online by signing into your Account or by email ( If you fail to provide us with proper notice, we will do our best to cancel/pause the plan but will not guarantee it.  If your order has already been entered into our production system, you will be responsible for the full payment.