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Bonsante gourmet dog food was born of a desire to feed the most healthful, natural and high quality foods to my beloved pets.

Disclaimer – I am not making any claims that Bonsante cures anything. This is just my story, why I started making pet food, and the inspiration for Bonsante gourmet dog food. 

My name is Hollis Bascom, the founder and head pet chef at Bonsante. It all started with an illness: in 2011, my cat Lucca was diagnosed with diabetes. He was thirteen years old, and had led a happy, healthy life up until that point. I knew enough about type 2 diabetes to know that – in humans, at least –  with changes in diet and exercise, it is possible to get off of medication and back to health. Poor guy, he was on insulin and was going through almost forty pounds of litter in a week. I spent a lot of time researching pet foods and was so discouraged at what I found that I decided to make his food myself. I started making his food from scratch in 2012, and have been refining the recipes ever since. Within four months, he was completely off the insulin and feeling great! The vet was stunned. Even better, with just a few minor adjustments, I could feed the same food to both the cat and the dog, and they all just loved it. I swore that I would never again purchase commercially made pet foods for my own pets, and set out on a mission to provide the best food possible for four-legged furry friends everywhere.

Our pet food is made with love, and contains only human-grade ingredients and never any preservatives. We prepare our pet foods in a kitchen, not in a lab or processing plant, and use methods of cooking that help to retain the maximum nutritive content in the food. All of our recipes and products are tested and reviewed by our board-certified staff veterinarian, and taste tested by real dogs and cats, who don’t pull any punches where flavor is concerned!

We are proud to be working with many talented people who are assisting us with our branding, food preparation and packaging compliance, and we have a consulting veterinarian on staff to ensure that the highest standards are met and exceeded. Our production will begin in Oregon and then expand to Washington and California. Our promise to you is that we will never sacrifice quality for sales, and will always adhere to our philosophy of providing quality food and to ‘do no harm’. We are hoping to change the way people think about their pet’s food, and we hope that you will join us in bringing a healthy alternative into your home.

Even though my journey began with a cat, we have decided to focus on dog food for our flagship products. There was so much interest from dog owners and enthusiasts, and we live in one of the ‘dog-friendliest’ areas of the country, so it seemed like the right thing to do. But cat lovers take note: there are Bonsante cat meals in our future plans.

In fact, we have only just begun to create our line of healthful, natural pet food products, and we guarantee your furry friends are going to go nuts over them! Bonsante is currently focused on our proprietary beef and turkey based fresh dog foods, but we have pet treats and pet ice cream coming on board soon, so stay tuned! (maybe create a signup for your newsletter/blog?)

Get started today: visit our feeding guidelines page right now. There, you will find a detailed feeding chart to help you determine how much Bonsante you should be feeding your dog, and how much you should be ordering. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page – it’s got lots of great information that just might address your concerns. If you still have questions, or would like to find out more, contact us today. We love to hear from other pet owners, and we’re always happy to help.

Happy Customers

 "I have three Javanese mix dogs.  I began purchasing the dog food approximately a year ago.  Before that, my dogs had trouble with dry, itchy skin to the point that it was like they had dandruff.  Winter was especially hard on their skin.  Now their skin is flake-free and their hair is soft and silky. In fact, I actually rarely see them scratch.  They also were very picky eaters and I went through all types of expensive foods trying to find one they would eat.  Right from the very beginning, they gobbled down your food."  Anne W. - Portland, OR

"Food was devoured by the dogs. Really liked the way it was digested. Definitely has my stamp of approval." Nick E. - Lake Oswego, OR

Bonsante Food

Our food is made with human grade ingredients and no preservatives. We use a protein (beef or turkey) with ingredients like kale, brown rice, sweet potato, pumpkin, and flax seed meal. We prepare all food in a kitchen not a dog food processing plant and use methods of cooking that will retain the maximum nutritional content in the food. Our food is tested and recipes reviewed by our board certified Veterinarian.

We have treats and pet ice cream and our innovation kitchen is just beginning to create healthy products.

Giving Back

As a part of our mission  Bonsante will give back to our communities. We are pledging 1% of sales to charities that help people. An important cause to me is child homelessness. Without the basic needs and care a child can grow up on the streets with little hope. My goal is to help parents and children get back on their feet through organizations that are already serving our communities.

Our Plans

We plan to take this nationally based on our ability to maintain high food quality and preparation standards. The business has several talented people that are assisting us in branding, food preparation standards and our consulting Veterinarian. 

Our production began in Portland, Oregon and will move into Washington and California in 2017. We will not sacrifice quality for sales. Our primary goal is to provide 'quality' food and do no harm. Please help us bring a healthy alternative to pet food.


Hollis Bascom, Founder & Pet Chef
Deanna Bascom, Consulting Chef
Keith Weingardt DVM, CVA
Animal Healing Arts of Portland - Consulting Veterinarian 

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